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Oilwell Global is a large exploration and production company operating globally from Schaffhausen, Switzerland. We are focused on discovering and recovering natural resources, primarily Oil and Gas, from shale rocks. We currently have onshore exploration licenses in the whole of Switzerland covering approximately 386,000 acres. Domestic production of Oil and gas from shale increases energy self-sufficiency, reduces CO2 emission associated with imported liquefied oil and gas products, secures over 20,000 employment opportunities for local communities and millions of investment opportunities within and across 7 continents.

Oilwell Global is a digitized Investment Company that helps investors bridge the gap between where they are financially and where they want to be. In other to be successful, we work with investors to establish, improve and implement long-term strategic wealth management plans that enables them to meet their financial goals. Oilwell is registered legally and certified, all investments are insured with an insurance policy that covers the entire investment fund because we set the bar in financial services by creating significant value for our customers… remaining fair, transparent and honest is at the core of who we are as a people. Oilwell Global is professionally established and goal-oriented, we use a more professional and systematic approach with aim to raise capital in the interest of our clients.


Neophyte Plan

2.1% daily for 8 days

Minimum Deposit $100

Maximum Deposit $3,999

10% referral commission

Purpose Plan ★★

3.6% daily for 6 days

Minimum Deposit $4,000

Maximum Deposit $800,000

10% referral commission

Mogul Plan ★★★

4.8% daily for 5 months

Minimum Deposit $10,000

Maximum Deposit UNLIMITED

10% referral commission

10% referral bonus

We offer an exceptional affiliate referral bonus of 10% of all referral deposits and it is unlimited. This means that you earn 10% of each deposit of your referrals. Join our affiliate program now, sign up to get started.


Oil and Gas

Oil and natural gas are major industries in the energy market today and we ensure long-term success by playing an influential role in the global economy through our well developed strategies.


In high demand situation, we process Shale refinery faster with over 1,876 refineries transforming crude oil into liquefied petroleum gas in other to improve productivity quality. With a refining capacity of approximately 4.6 million barrels per day, hence we recover profits at a high market rate and pay investors diligently.

Power and Renewable Energy

Renewable energies are the present and future of the world's electricity production. Need for diversifying energy supplies reduces dependency on imported fuels, helping us create economic developments and job opportunities.


We make room for storage facilities in thousands of warehouses inside and outside of Switzerland for easy, safe and fast shipping. We also have our inventory control systems management to guarantee our investors safe and healthy investment.


    We have ability to produce and make profits through our various businesses with 0% risk, approving deposits and releasing payments to all requested withdrawals from investors all over the globe.


    Encryption of account is taking to a high degree for best secure protection.


    We accept payments in Bitcoin and Usdt.


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  1. 1.We Provide Our Investors With Superior Investment Conditions – We offer zero registration fee, zero deposit fee and zero withdrawal fee.
  2. 2.We Believe In Endless Possibilities And We Want You To Succeed - We offer the best and profitable investment plans to accommodate all investors, both big and small, young and old, from all over the globe.
  3. 3.Your Time Is Valued The Most Because We Believe You Deserve The Best - As a registered member of the OILWELL GLOBAL, you are entitled to our 24/7 customer care service (live-chat support). Always active and ready to respond to all questions and comments from our esteemed investors.
  4. 4.We Never Compromise – With good, safety and quality work ethics being embedded in our core values, we always act accordingly in other to maintain integrity at all times, no matter the situation.